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GRAPHICALLY SPEAKING                            OPENING TIMES:       THURS 11TH JANUARY 2018 6PM––10PM                   FRI 12TH JANUARY 2018 12PM-–7PM                   SAT 13TH JANUARY 2018 10AM-–4PM                   CENTRAL SAINT MARTINS, 1, GRANARY BUILDING, GRANARY SQUARE, KINGS CROSS, LONDON N1C 4AA                  

Central Saint Martins’ MA Graphic Communication Design have spent the last six months developing a thought process behind a particular stream of work. Arriving at the point where this development will be used to springboard into the creation of the work itself, MA GCD presents ‘Graphically Speaking’ – a ‘Work in Progress’ show highlighting the formation and development of these ideas.


Graphically Speaking published these ideas via live audio interviews of each class member, that ran as a live broadcast from Central Saint Martins for the duration of the show.

As part of the physical show, the audience were invited to listen to the broadcast, whilst individual digital visualisations were played and a revolving installation of objects were uncovered simultaneously in the space. The audio was broadcast live and archived online.


As part of the WIP show, we are not emphasising final work(s) but the discussion of our ideas and the diversity of both the nature of Communication Design and the group itself. Graphically speaking.

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